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Current version:1.1
Release date:27.05.2013
Size:1.16 Mb
Type of license:Shareware

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Product benefits

Automatically perform a comprehensive analysis of web-page with the generation of a detailed report with recommendations
An accurate automated analysis of visual perception of web-pages by the human eye, based on methodologies described in the scientific research works in this area
Convenient consolidated analysis of source code of web-page for errors
A detailed analysis of the load time of all objects of web-page with a detailed description of time intervals of low-level events. This analysis allows us not only to detect network problems affecting the fast web-page loading, but also helps to reorganize the order of loading of web-page objects to optimize the speed of downloading of full web-page.
Automatic analysis of the dynamic stability of the visual structure of the web-page when viewing it in different modes of screen resolution, which allows to assess the reliability of display information in the correct order for different web-page visitors
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