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Current version:1.1
Release date:27.05.2013
Size:1.16 Mb
Type of license:Shareware

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User's guide / Overview

SiteQLT program is a system of quality control of websites on multiple criteria:
color harmony
readability of text on the background
validation of the HTML/CSS code
speed of page loading
images quality
stability to the screen resolution changing
rankings in search engines

As a result of analysis of web-page, the program puts mark from 0 to 10 for each criterion, and the final mark of the totality of all the criteria.
In addition, each score is accompanied by details of its calculations and recommendations for its possible improvement.

With this program, developers of web-sites can:
  • improve the appearance and visualization of web-pages
  • optimize the speed of web-pages loading
  • correct errors in the code of web-pages

In addition, improving the quality of web-pages promotes the interest of visitors to the web-site and to raise its rating and promotion to the TOP in search engines.
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