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Current version:1.1
Release date:27.05.2013
Size:1.16 Mb
Type of license:Shareware

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User's guide / Configuring and Managing

The program window is visually divided into seven zones:
1 - Control panel
2 - Selection panel of marks
3 - Window of web-page snapshot
4 - Marks panel
5 - Window of mark
6 - Window of details
7 - Window of recommendations
1 - Control panel
Contains commands:
  • New analysis - execution of a new analysis with a choice of specific criteria
  • Save results - saving the report of analysis of web-page in *.mht format
  • Print - printing the report of analysis of web-pages with preset settings page and printer selection
  • Settings - global settings of the program
  • Help - this user's guide

Separately, we describe the "settings" of the program:
  • Proxy-server settings - address and port of the proxy server, as well as login and password for authentication on the proxy server (if necessary)
  • Loading timeout - web-pages download timeout in seconds (after the timeout page load is interrupted)
  • Interface language - currently supported languages: English and Russian. After changing the interface language for implementing changes, you must restart the program!

2 - Selection panel of marks
Contains a list of all the criteria for analyzing web-page.
A full and comprehensive analysis should include an analysis of all the criteria. However, for any reason, you can disable some of the criteria for analysis. In this case, the final score will not be objective because it will be assumed that the missing criteria exhibited a zero "0" score.

3 - Window of web-page snapshot
Upon completion of web-page loading, this window shows its snapshot as it looks when viewed in a browser Internet Explorer, built into the operating system. At the moment, is not displayed and is not analyzed flash-animation, and animation of streaming video.

4 - Marks panel
Here are the marks for all criteria analysis of web-page, as well as the final mark.
Marks on a scale from 0 (the lowest mark) to 10 (the highest mark).
The final mark is calculated as the sum of individual marks on all criteria.
When you click on a specific mark, then open windows 5, 6, 7 with its detailed description.

5 - Window of mark
Contains details of the calculation of mark for a particular criterion of analysis.
For each criterion analysis this information is presented in an own form (see the description of specific marks).
For the mark #4 "web-page loading speed" it opens an additional window for a visual presentation of information.
For those marks, which in this window has a table represantation, it is possible to select specific rows in a table to view details and recommendations in the windows 6 and 7.

6 - Window of details
Provides a textual description of the information displayed in the window (5).
This description contains supporting information for a more complete picture of the particular mark.

7 - Window of recommendations
It contains a number of recommendations to improve the mark of specific criteria analysis.
Following these guidelines, you can raise a specific mark, as well as the quality of web-pages in general.
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