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Release date:27.05.2013
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User's guide / Mark #4: speed of page loading

The method of evaluation of this criterion is based on statistical observations of web-site visitors, according to which the visitor is satisfied with the speed of web-pages loading, if the waiting time of up to 1 second.
Thus, the 10 points given to those web-pages, the download speed which no more than 1 second.
For completeness, the program builds a timing diagram of web-pages loading, which contains:

  • Full URL of the object
  • Result code of the object loading
  • Size of the loaded object
  • Just a timing diagram
  • End time of the object loading, relatively to the general start

The timing diagram is displayed in the form of consecutive bands of different colors, the length of which is proportional to the duration of the events.
Relevance of colors and events:

When you click on a specific row of the table, the program displays details of loading a particular object, with the duration of each event in milliseconds.
It should be noted that this analysis is performed on a particular computer for a specific internet connection, so this mark is of local nature and shows the weak points in the web-page loading for a particular workplace.

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