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Release date:27.05.2013
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User's guide / Mark #5: images quality

This mark is based on a subjective analysis of the quality of images placed on web-page.

This takes into account:
  • Distortion of the geometry of the image on the X/Y axis relative to the Y/X. The program analyzes the size of the original image and the size of the output images on the web-page. The greater distortion, the more it reduces the mark.
  • Image scale. The program determines whether the image is scaled to increase or decrease. As you know, at high magnification, and zoom out, lost part of the information component of the image, respectively, this reduces the overall mark.
  • Number of colors. The image can be represented in the colors: 8, 16, 24, 32-bit color. Ideally, in this case, is an image created on 32-bit color, as in addition to having the maximum number of colors possible in view by video cards and monitors, another component of the "alpha channel", defines the opacity of each pixel in the image.

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