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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why re-analysis of the site gives a different final score?
The fact that there are several things that affect the stability of the final mark of the same web page:
  • The mark #4 "speed of page loading" is exposed on the basis of measurements of the speed of loading of the web page. It depends on the specific computer and Internet connection. Also the download speed of web page when you restart the analysis will be higher, since the information was partially cached.
  • The marks #1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 may be changed due to the fact that the information is analyzed on the web page can be changed dynamically for each re-visit it. So can be changed the text information (news, advertising), graphics (banner ads), and even part of the program code of web page.
Why did mark #2 "readability of text on the background" less than 10 points, while all of the text on the page is readable well?
The program analyzes each point of the graphic fonts. And if the font has a high degree of smoothing, the respectively, has greatly blurred the edge of the text letters. And the difference of brightness of these points on the edges of the letters relative to the background is usually low. Therefore, the use of fonts with a large smoothing leads to a decrease in the mark.
The program exposed the low mark #7 "rankings in search engines", but the details of the mark contains: "The site has a very high rating in search engines". Why?
The fact that the mark is the average for all analyzed search engines. However, some sites may have very high rating in a single search engine and slightly low rating in others. Therefore, the average score will be low, but since each of the search engines reflects the popularity of the web-resource itself, in details to the mark there is information about the search engine, where the site is promoted the most of all.
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