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Current version:1.1
Release date:27.05.2013
Size:1.16 Mb
Type of license:Shareware

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History of changes

History of changes

+ On the histograms at the mark #2 added displaying the average values with a pointers
+ If there is an error of loading of web-pages, then the analysis is not carried out, a screenshot of the page contains an error code and description, and the window with marks become disabled
+ Added maintenance history of URL analysis. Created a drop-down list, previously analyzed addresses, as well as added new setting parameter "URL History", indicating the number of stored addresses
+ At the most first start, the program automatically selects the interface language to match the OS language
+ During the execution of the analysis, in place of marks there is displayed the inscription "Please wait"
+ Added displaying of the program version number in the title bar
+ On the form of registering the program added button "Buy"
+ Changed the registration procedure of the program. Now when you purchase it, required to enter personal "Activation Code" issued by the program
* If you change the interface language in the settings, now message instructing you to restart the program issued in a new language, that is selected in the settings
* Fixed traversal sequence of fields in the Settings
* If you hover the mouse on a miniature timeline at the mark #3, the cursor changes to a "hand"
! Fixed program crash when applying sequential commands: Start, Stop, Save

+ First release
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